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Marriage License Florida
Get a Marriage License in Florida

Here is what you need to get a marriage license in Florida:

Valid photo IDs for each person
If either has been married before, you must TELL them the exact date of how it resolved, eg, divorce, death

That’s it. That’s all you need. No papers. No witnesses. No blood test. JUST these three things above.

You will walk in, fill out the form, give them the items above. They will ask you if you read the 10 page pamphlet they require you to read asking you if you are sure you are ready to get married. If you say no, they will hand it to you and make you read it before they will issue you the license. If you say yes, they check off that box and finish issuing the license. You will walk out the door with the license.

If you’re a Florida resident you have to wait a mandatory 3 day period before the license can be used. If you’re not a Florida resident, you can use the license immediately.

(There will be a box on the license that reads “Effective Date” which is what every officiant looks to make sure they can do the wedding. It should be on or before your wedding date.)

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