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Meet LaToya Hartsfield

LaToya is passionate about everything she does; this is especially true when it comes to joining couples. Ms. Hartsfield will say of her marriage ministry, “I am in the love business!” “Imagine, being part of the legal and godly joining of two people in a partnership greater than society itself.” She is a spiritual person that looks beyond religion because she understands that belief should be more than a road map to get to heaven but rather one following a path of good that one day will end with one sinning with the angels.  In addition, to her role as officiant, LaToya Hartsfield is a Sr. Mortgage Underwriter in the banking industry and has been in the business since 2001. Hartsfield majored in Business Administration at Bainbridge State College and Florida State College. LaToya obtained her Direct Endorsement (DE) certification for FHA/HUD in 2007.  LaToya enjoys spending time with her family and friends, singing, dancing, traveling, watching football and animal planet.  LaToya currently reside in Jacksonville, FL with her fiancé and their son.